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Review from T. Pace - A Meta-Modern Epic Prose Poem

What comes to your mind when you read the word "meta-modern" in a review?

Would you consider yourself modern, post-modern, or meta-modern?

In some ways, meta-modern developments may be seen as a reaction... a reaction to a reaction, actually.

But instead of becoming a reactionary with too much nostalgia for some imaginary ideal past, or falling into resentment and bitter polarization, the meta-modern impulse can also encourage participation.

What does it mean to take up the long conversation of human development, despite the insufficiencies of the past and the intolerable frustrations of the present?

T. Pace picked up on the role of the word "daughter" in my book, but also on the mythologizing that is going on right now with stories from the contemporary world. He's connecting the ancient or abstract narratives with the lived present, the mass media, the public audience, and how the role of the observed is becoming mythologized in today's world.

I don't think I use the word "meta-modern" in my book at all, but I have to thank T. Pace for bringing it up. The reader can bring things to the writer, after all, keeping the conversation going like a shared dance.

Would you like to take a lyrical journey? Let's start then with a fitting question:

May I have this dance?


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