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Chapter 3: Story Arcs - Maps of Action

Peterson's Line of Action

What is, Planned Behaviour, Novelty with Both Promise and Threat,

Decision and Development to What Should Be

ch 3 diagrams Peterson 3 elements.jpg
ch 3 diagrams Peterson Novelty.jpg
Plato's Guided Tour Through the Cave

Chains to Shadows to Light and then Descent into Being Chained Again​

ch 3 diagrams Plato cave.jpg
Campbell's Adventure - Hero's Journey 

Call and Separation, Initiation and Preparation, Confrontation and Rebirth,

Return and Restoration with Gifts

ch 3 diagrams Campbell monomyth.jpg
Frye's Wave Through Time And Space

Experience, Disruption and Discovery of Corruption, War and Slavery, Recover with Deliverer, Order and Freedom Together

ch 3 diagrams Frye U-shaped wave.jpg
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