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I'm Andrew.

I'm a fan of Tolkien, Lucas, Roddenberry and Rowling. Their incredible stories have important lessons for us today.


I have been a landscaper, window washer, assembly-line factory worker, customer service associate, data entry worker, teacher, math and science department head, private tutor, musician, print project consultant, social media manager, video producer, non-profit kids festival chair, marketing campaign coordinator, techie guy, and curriculum writer.

Thanks! Message sent.

Why did I Write The Divine Daughter?

I noticed a pattern and followed a thread. In university, I dropped an elective course after buying the textbooks. I kept the books. One was Joseph Campbell's The Hero with  Thousand Faces. Years later, I read it and finally felt like I could see why stories were so important to people. 

Campbell and curiosity led me to Jordan Peterson, Northrop Frye and Marshall McLuhan. A friend then introduced me to Bernard Lonergan. I realized something remarkable had happened in Canadian thought. Psychology, Literature, Media Literacy and Religious studies. I fell in love with my country all over again, and with the spirit of inquiry.


I'm curious about theories of personality. In terms of the Big Five:

I tend to score high on Agreeableness.

Same can be said for Openness / Creativity.

Middle of the road on Conscientiousness.

I don't usually display much Neuroticism, but I have my moments.

I would call myself an introvert, but I've learned a few tricks in order to deal with the social world. Otherwise, low in Extroversion.

I'd like to see what changes people can make on their personality measures in relation to biofeedback or neuro-feedback. Some research is being done on a "sixth" dimension, distinct from the five - humility and honesty. I want to see where that goes.

Perhaps a short video series or text series on the dimensions of personality? How much can we change? How much can we accept? What role should each dimension play in our lives? And can we be taught and trained to adapt, right down to the level of personality? If we can play, maybe we can build each trait like a skill.

What's On Your Mind?

I've been told I'm a pretty good conversationalist. I've also been told I have a face for radio.  :-) 

Maybe it depends on the subject matter. Maybe it depends on the lighting.

Anyway, let me know what's up in your corner of the world. Or, connect with me socially on the interwebs.

Where Do We Go From Here?

That's a good question. It's going to take a lot of work changing people's relationships with the observed

Education? Politics? Family relationships? The stigma of psychological therapy?

Let's start somewhere simple. Just you and me and a couple of words.

Let's connect. 

Speaking Engagements

I have given presentations and facilitated workshops for :

Spiritual and Wellness Retreats

Workplace Relationship Conferences

Religious Group Meetings

Self-Help Seminars

Book Club Sessions

Community Discussions with Online Interviews

Education Courses

I welcome all invitations but can only accept a limited number each year. Please let me know in your invitation some of the key details for your event - who, what, when, where, why, and how.


Next Projects

Three book projects keep tumbling around in my head these days:


 - 52 Invitations to Wisdom - a weekly study of wisdom practices, particularly using figure and ground to find balance between contrary, competing, or juxtaposed values

 - The Marriage Model - examining an alternative mindset to the profit model in business and community


 - Rene Girard, Christianity, and the Haudenosaunee Peacemaker - Did Girard ever really consider the Peacemaker story? 

Some people have suggested putting together a video-course or study-guide based on my book, The Divine Daughter. The course would take a practical approach on how to use the "Four-Fold-Family Path" to develop self-awareness and self-literacy. The characters, settings, plot progressions and types of communication affecting your life are just waiting to be read, waiting to be written!


You can choose better paths and find the courage to live your heroic story! Let's get you prepared for your important role - the main character of your life.

Would you like to help with the course? The course will be online, interactive, and developmental. Each lesson will have a video component and a conversation session. Registration will be limited to a very small group each time offered.

If you have read the The Divine Daughter and want to contribute some of your insights, please send me a message.

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