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What do you call it when you do things in different ways each time in order to get the results you desire?

One Answer

Irrational. If you change what you are doing each time, how can you possibly stay on target? But both evolution and the changing nature of our environments present us with a problem. Maybe we need to change the target once in a while and find what works!


When we know we have to change, when we know the old ways of doing things won't work anymore, we need the courage and freedom to stumble around, to be the fool, and try things in different ways.

It can be incredibly non-sensical, and uncomfortable, to go outside the boundaries of what we know, but that is exactly what we must face. To find the next successful adaptation, to be the next successful adaptation, we have to see with new eyes and hear with new ears.

Another Answer

Science and Play. One of the greatest revolutions of the past 500 years has been the empirical method of inquiry. This has changed everything - our relationships with the very very large, the very very small, and the invisible!

What if there was a way to bring the spiritual world of beliefs together with the process of empirical inquiry? What if the spirit of inquiry itself was seriously examined as a map for the spiritual quest of the self, consciousness, and the art of living well? What if we recognize how methodological inquiry helps us find what works?

We have redefined ourselves and our world. We have come to terms with our motivations and with the intractable mysteries of life, but we are still not satisfied. We have also found curiosity at the very heart of our humanity. We are inquiring beings as much as we are thinking and working and playing beings.

If we are ready to have this conversation, there is a new divine archetype looking for a name. She is born and born again in moments when the cultures of the West meet the cultures of the East, figuratively speaking. And if we are ready to welcome her into the family, her gifts could transform our world and bring new purpose to our hearts.

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