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Review From Mel H. - Inspiration and Connection

Do you read in the morning?

Maybe you have a favourite chair and mug, both filled with warmth and comfort. Perhaps the only time you have to yourself is those few precious minutes before everyone else wakes up.

It's your time, and you want to make the most of it when you can. You want something you can savour, something inspiring... and we're not just talking about the coffee.

The Divine Daughter Review Mel H - Your book has turned into my morning inspiration!

Mel was the first person, besides my sound guy, to hear the audiobook version. We wanted some feedback from someone who listened to audiobooks regularly. And the first person my sound guy thought of was his friend Mel.

Mel got into the book so much she picked up the ebook version too! And she told some friends about it. And she started seeing connections between the book and work she was doing in schools on leadership training.

When she told me that, I couldn't help but be surprised. It's amazing what others will find in your writing if you just give them the opportunity. With the right space and time, and maybe a little hope and luck, people will find inspiration and connection.

Inspiration and connection - sometimes all it takes is a little warmth, and a few precious moments, and insights will blossom like flowers in the sun.

How do you keep your thinking grounded for the day?

Or do you take on the day like a bee or a butterfly, always busy doing your rounds with the flowers that need attention?

Your book had turned into my morning inspiration!
I always have one book that I read for about ten minutes to ground my thinking for the day.
~ Melanie Henning


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