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Printed Copies Arrived

Guess what I found on my front step? Our newest arrival!

Even though I looked at all the emails, and received the notifications from the delivery service, there is nothing quite like seeing, touching, and smelling the real thing!

The first hardcover goes to my parents. It's as much their project as it is my book.

The rest of the first order is pretty much spoken for as well. These copies will go toward the upcoming book launch events in May and special gifts to all the helpers.

It takes a strange family of kind spirits and kindred minds to put together a book. The author might be the hub, but the whole thing just doesn't go anywhere without the spokes, the wheel, the cart, the horse, and the wise craftspeople that put it all together.

Next stop: May 5!

Becoming // an Author

Event at Retreat Zen here in Belleville.

4 authors, inspiring and encouraging the next brave souls to take up the journey.

Here is the event link: Retreat Zen Becoming // an Author.

See you there!

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