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Working with Creatives

I had a chance to talk with some fascinating people this weekend about the stories they want to share. They want to write their books and get their message out there and help lift people up.

You could almost watch as they bubbled over with ideas and connections and flashes of incredible insights. Each idea seemed to promise its own new garden or next adventures - children on swings, ready to jump.

My one friend invited me over. She was also kind enough to get some photos and some video. I don't always think of bringing out my phone in the middle of conversations.

There are many creative paths out there. Some people need peace and quiet, a private domain to care and nurture delicate inspirations. Some people need the bustle of a kitchen to blend and savour all the delights and desires from many cooks conjuring up hot cuisine to share. Some people need a playground.

Watching the different creative processes in action can be amazing, and a bit dizzying.

There is a realm of abundance out there. It can be difficult to reach. And if you find yourself there, it can be even harder to sort all the paths you could take, or the resources you can gather.

But every step is worth it. Bring your toolbox and work as you will. Paradise is possible, with a little imagination. Just remember to do unto others as you would have them do... unto your daughter.


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