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Review from Roadie

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

I've known Roadie for a few years now. He is a musician and a music-o-phile. He appreciates the hidden gems that don't always get the airplay or support enjoyed in the media mainstream.

Roadie surprised me and a couple of friends from back in High School. We had a band back in the day. It was fun. We broke up and moved on. But about 5 years ago someone suggested we get back together to see what might happen.

In the meantime, Roadie had found our stuff and had been a fan of the band for years. He kept the fires burning for us, you might say, and even contacted our lead singer, Cory.

Cory was stunned to find such a devoted listener. It's an incredible feeling to get a true fan, a deep fan, that gets your work on a personal level. It is even more incredible when you can connect with that fan on some personal level.

Cory became a big fan of Roadie, and in time the rest of the band did too. It's funny how creative relationships can reverse like that when the right connections come along.

Roadie sent me a note just a little while ago about my book. He has an idea for a writing project of his own. This is what he had to say.

Over time, I've given Roadie some things to listen to and think about. Roadie has given me some things to listen to over the years too.

Now it looks like Roadie is going to have something to give me to read and think about.

You gotta appreciate those moments in life when the right connections come along, and come alive.


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