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Review from Reverend Brad Ford

Have you ever read a book that really stayed with you, even long after you finished it?

This week I received a book review from Reverend Brad Ford. Brad was the minister at my parents' church for many years. He introduced me to the shandy (or at least his version of the drink). I think I owe him one after this glowing review.





Andrew Gilchrist tells a story that takes place over 5,000 years of human history; he reminds us of the wisdom of the ages as expressed through religious, philosophic and scientific minds from both the Eastern and Western world, all with the aim of encouraging us to be open to the gifts of the Other, whoever that might be. He uses the metaphor of the Daughter to bring to our awareness those who are often considered weak and inferior by cultural leaders and shows that in opening our ears to these voices we gain much more than we lose, as individuals and as a society.

As a Minister of the United Church of Canada, I found this book challenged me by prompting me to explore and name my own biases and faults and to more intentionally pursue my own personal spiritual growth; I was also confronted with questions about the role of the Church in society and my role within the Church. Some months after reading this book, my reflections and transformation continue.

‎I have the good fortune to have known Andrew for a number of years; Andrew has always impressed me with his integrity, his openness to life's experiences in whatever form they come, his questioning and contemplative nature, and his deep spirituality.

I encourage you to pick up this book and read it, not to get through it, but to let the wisdom soak into your awareness. I would like to note that each chapter is loaded with illustrative stories‎ and deep insights. I heartily commend THE DIVINE DAUGHTER to your greater wisdom and understanding.

Rev Bradley Ford,

Belleville, ON


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