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Review from Autumn 2021

This one slipped off my radar. Special thanks to Tom. He read my book and thought about it for a long time.

But, he was a bit sneaky with his review. It took me over a month to notice he put up a review in Amazon. He never actually told me!

Now to give his words a little more reach, I've made some shareable images.

Andrew Gilchrist's The Divine Daughter asks us for a noticing. It asks us for a remembrance ("re-membrance"), to draw together a wholeness in distinguished space given to what the recognition of daughters and what they can give to us, and what they can teach us. And by noticing, there can be a naming: the naming ceremony for something wonderfully emergent, something wonderfully integrative in our minds so as to encourage a carryover into our sociopolitical settings.

The author presented was not a difficult one for me (ie "too heady"), but was instead a thoughtful invitation to consider and reconsider what is true, what is actual, what is real and whole-making for the sake of the future of our world. For my part, I think he succeeded in provoking my thoughts. Well done, good sir. Well done.

Thanks again Tom!


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