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Not Essentializing... Not Exhausting... Exploring!!

The desire to reduce something to its most essential and simple nature can be very tempting. If we capture an idea's or person's essence with a label or category, we can stop our thinking. The label is a control on our understanding that we can dial in our dial out. We know enough, supposedly, and can stop listening, stop the pursuit of further information. And relationships end.

The desire to consume and exhaust all sources on a topic can be very tempting. If we own all the relevant ideas, then we can speak with airs of authority. The acquisition and dispensation of all matters on a subject belongs then to us. We can stand on our precious dominions and cast down judgements. And relationships end.

But the longing for love bestows a very different spirit of inquiry. Love is a refreshment and nourishment that encourages exploration over reduction or exhaustion. Love looks up. Love invites wonder. Love awakens relationship.

The Divine Daughter is a book, but it is also a song. The motivations behind a love song are not the same motivations behind academic mastery or intellectual abstraction. Even the pursuit of public reputation and status pales in the face of love.

It is a song to a girl inviting us to look up, suggesting we explore with the spirit of inquiry.

Isn't that the kind of adventure we all need right now?


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