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Media Fallout And Education - Paglia, Peterson, and McLuhan

Four Canadians act as cornerstones in my book. I've called them an odd team of midwives before. A four of them have been teachers, but it's a little bit more funny to think how these intellectuals would bumble around if they had to help a women deliver a baby.

Also, the idea of the midwife has also been associated with the practice of philosophy, and teaching philosophy. It's a tough job, no matter what associations you put to it.

They are:

In this video, I look a little closer at Camille Paglia's blurb on the back of Jordan Peterson's Book.

What's the connection between Marshall McLuhan and Jordan Peterson? What would they talk about if they had the chance to meet? What would McLuhan think of Peterson's idea of the University-of-the-future? And what would Peterson think of McLuhan's ideas like "Media Fallout" and education as civil defence?

I explore these ideas, and others, in this video. Please let me know what you think of it.

Some screenshots from the video:


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