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Meaning Crisis? Frame, Unframe, Reframe!

John Vervaeke has put together an online course: Awakening from the Meaning Crisis.

Vervaeke deserves more time and more consideration than a meme. However, I saw an opportunity in his introduction video.

Sometimes you need a simple, intriguing, but inviting moment of fun to take a step further. Perhaps the meme is today's aphorism, today's quick barb or quip can be enough to help you out of falling into the maelstrom of today's flood of distraction.

Three simple words can be a survival-spell, a trusty multi-tool you can keep in your pocket.

One of Vervaeke's prime lessons, and one that is easily portable, is the line, "Frame, unframe, reframe." Puzzles, riddles, and even the daily brick walls that collide with our heads - the way through is in the crease of the quote, the fun of the frame.

But then again...

I saw the best minds of my generation distracted by meme-ness ~ Allen Gins-burn

If you get a chance, go through his material.


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