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John Vervaeke Explains Salience and Bullshit

In the fourth chapter of my book, I look at four modes of expression and the motivation behind each mode - instrumental, descriptive, prescriptive, imaginative.

Jonathan Pageau and John Vervaeke got together for a fascinating talk, and Vervaeke brings up Harry Frankfurt's work on "Bullshit." I explore a quote from Frankfurt in the section about instrumental language in politics and advertising.

Vervaeke's understanding is fantastic. Here is the video of their talk where Vervaeke extends Frankfurt's ideas into a lesson we need today. The entire discussion is worth taking in, if you have the time. If you just want the part on Frankfurt, fast-forward to 40:25. 5 or 10 minutes will give you the sense of things.

What do you think?

How do manage "Bullshit" in your life?


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