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Book Prices Set - Print-Ready in Just a Few Weeks!

The Divine Daughter moved into the next queue with the printer. This means everything is preparing for the final stages.

As well, the book will be available through Amazon, Indigo-Chapters, Barnes & Noble, and many more online book channels. I will be able to put those links on my home page soon. That's really good news too.

This have given me a chance to think about the next steps after publication. How will I talk to people about all this? How will I start conversations? And who would get the most out of my book? In order to reach the right people, I think I need to be as open and clear as possible about things, which can be difficult when talking about the symbolic.

It's pointless to try to push everyone to read it. There is a niche out there that will take the ideas to places I never thought possible. At first, I thought I would put a block up to this blog. To see the blog, you would have to log in. That way, I would get an email. And with an email, i could start real one-to-one conversations with people.

But that isn't as open and clear as some people are comfortable with. In order to connect with that niche, I think I have to let them explore things on their own initiative.

So, I'll bring down the email gate.

Please take a moment and go to the Friesen Press bookstore. Friesen Press works with authors that are taking the initiative and pouring their hearts into their own projects. They deserve their own audiences, their own conversations, their own explorers.

Who knows what you might find?


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