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Audiobook Sample - The Divine Daughter Foreword and Introduction (16 min)

COVID-19 interrupted my audiobook studio sessions.

But, I did get the first 16 minutes from my sound guy, Basil. I have known Basil since high school. We have been making music with friends since we were kids. Adult life interrupted some of that, but a year years ago our band got back together and we recorded a song. Then we recorded an album. Basil was the heart and vision and engineer behind a lot of that project. You can check out the music on our Facebook page,

I decided to use the 16 minutes as a free sample from the audiobook, and so put together a youtube link. Here it is - the book's Foreword and about 1/3 of the Introduction.

In the winter and spring of 2020, we recorded about half of the book. But then due to concerns with health and exposure and consequences, we stopped until we could figure out a good way forward.

The safety of family and responsibilities with work need to sit with steady hands on my eagerness to finish the project.

With some luck, or maybe grace, we can finish the sessions this summer. The audiobook will be available through Amazon, Audible, and other services.

If you wish to pre-purchase, please get in touch - through youtube, facebook page, the contact form on the book's site, or your favourite line of communication.


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